5 Reasons Stanley Thermos is Just the Thing for Liquids

Stanley is one of the few thermos brands that can provide a hassle free lifetime warranty for its customers. Throughout the years Stanley was a perfect choice for people who need durable and high quality thermos.

Here are 5 concrete reasons why Stanley thermoses are absolutely the best thermoses for all kind of liquids:

mother with thermos and kids

1) Think of the last time you cook dinner for kids or husband. Using Stanley you can pack food for your loved ones instantly, moreover Stanley is considered to be one of the best thermoses for soups, so there is no need to pack the sandwiches only.


2) Durability of this thermoses is out of the question. Not only Stanley offers its users a LIFETIME warranty but also you can find a bunch of videos on Youtube on how people actually test it. For example this one:

The guy literally drops the thermos from a 50ft on a rock and it stays unharmed.

coffee in stanlay thermos

3) This flask is one of the best for coffee transportation. Stanley mug doesn’t have any odors, because its inner material is made of stainless steel without BPA and phthalates, which means you can store even the most delicate products there without losing their natural flavor.

4) Most of the Stanley thermoses have a wide lid. It means that you can easily store and consume any kind of food you want just on the go. It’s really very convenient while eating soup, the spoon easily goes in and out.

stanley thermos outdoor

5) Due to its durable construction Stanley thermos is one of the best choice if you like outdoor activities. Of course you should consider its weight, which is near as light as its plastic rivals. But those kinds of Stanley thermoses will serve you at least 50 years under the most extreme conditions.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Stanley thermoses. Maybe that’s because I value a simplicity and durability when it comes to thermoses that will serve a lifetime.


I also want to share some tips on Stanley exploitation.

  • It’s always better to prefer a hand wash method over a dishwasher (and it refers not only to Stanley)
  • you should consider washing it with lemon acid from time to time. Lemon acid is safe for the health and very useful product when it comes to cleaning your thermoses, tea pots or any kind of kitchen wares.
  • let it dry up completely just to eliminate corrosion.


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